Sponsoring IBWSS is a great opportunity to showcase your brand and products and show your support for the recreational boating and water safety community. Align with IBWSS on a sponsorship level or create a customized sponsorship program to meet specific marketing goals with hands-on assistance from the IBWSS team.

If you’d like to sponsor IBWSS, please contact Diane Corish at dcorish@safeboatingcouncil.org or call (703) 361-4294.


  • Recognition in the IBWSS Schedule-At-A-Glance, IBWSS.org, social media, mobile app
  • Recognition during the Opening Reception and Awards Luncheon
  • Each sponsorship level includes company name/logo on the item or signage


Opening Reception: $5,000

Company name/logo on signage and presentation at the Opening Reception

Workspace and Recharge Lounge: $5,000

Give attendees a place to recharge, network and catch up on emails in a centrally located area. Comfortable furniture is included as well as massage chairs. Space will include a charging stations for laptops, phones and other devices and light refreshments for attendees. Sponsor may place a brochure or giveaway in the lounge and may provide a pop-up banner. Lounge will be completely branded with sponsor’s logo.

T-Shirt: $3,500

Company name/logo on the official IBWSS long-sleeve dry-fit shirt

Transportation: $3,500

Signage during IBWSS (at registration, loading the bus)

Registration Bags: $2,000

Company name/logo on the registration bag

Name Badges: $2,000

Company name/logo on the name badge

Single Breakfast Sponsorship: $2,000

Company name/logo signage for the one breakfast

Single Break Sponsorship: $2,000

Company name/logo signage for the one break

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