Exhibit Space Agreement

Please review the following agreement and select “AGREE” at the bottom to advance to the Exhibitor Registration page.

IBWSS MANAGEMENT: The 2020 IBWSS Expo will be managed by representatives of the National Safe Boating Council.

ELIGIBLE EXHIBITS: The IBWSS management reserves the right to determine the Exhibit eligibility of each entity and/or product for this Expo and further reserves the right to reject any application and/or limit space assigned to any one entity.

RELEASE AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: The Exhibitor agrees to make no claim for any reason whatsoever against IBWSS management and/or Expo Sponsor/s and the City and/or State wherein the Expo is held, for loss, theft, damage or destruction of goods, nor for any injury to himself or employees while the Expo is in progress, being set up or taken down.

INDEMNIFICATION OF IBWSS MANAGEMENT: Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless IBWSS management, Expo Sponsor/s and the City wherein the Expo is held, and their employees, against any and all claims of any person, arising out of acts, omissions or negligence of Exhibitor, its agents or employees (including exhibit installation/ removal staff). Any dispute arising from this agreement the Exhibitor agrees will be handled in a court of competent jurisdiction in the state of Virginia.

EXHIBITOR INDEMNIFICATION OF HOTEL: The exhibitor assumes the entire responsibility and liability for losses, damages, and claims arising out of exhibitor’s activities on the Renaissance Phoenix Glendale Hotel and Spa premises and will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Hotel, its owner, and its management company, as well as their respective agents, servants, and employees from any and all such losses, damages, and claims. Renaissance Phoenix Glendale Hotel and Spa will not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage or claims arising out of exhibitor’s activities on the Hotel’s premises except for any claims, loss, or damages arising directly from its negligence.

GENERAL EXPO POLICIES: Noisy or offensive exhibits are prohibited. Distribution of literature or samples must be related to exhibit and distribution limited to within Exhibitor’s space. No food or alcoholic beverages may be distributed from Exhibitor’s space without the approval of IBWSS management. Assignment or subletting of assigned space by Exhibitor is not permitted for any reason without written approval of IBWSS management. Exhibitor must comply with all local laws, rules, regulations and ordinances in force. The Exhibitor may not display signs that are not professionally prepared or, in the opinion of IBWSS management, detract from the appearance of the Expo in any manner whatsoever. IBWSS management shall have sole control over all admission policies at all times.

LIMITATION OF EXHIBITS: IBWSS management reserves the right to stop or remove from the Expo any Exhibitor, or his representative, performing an act or practice which, in the opinion of IBWSS management, is objectionable or detracts from the dignity of the Expo. IBWSS management reserves the right to refuse admittance of exhibits or materials to the Expo until all dues and fees owed are paid in full. No Exhibitor shall hold any social event to which delegates (buyers) are invited, or entice delegates (buyers) off the Expo floor during official Expo hours.

BOUNDARIES: All parts of all exhibits must be exhibited within Exhibitor’s assigned space boundaries. Aisle space is under control of IBWSS management.

Terms and Conditions

SECURITY: The safekeeping of the Exhibitor’s property shall remain the responsibility of the Exhibitor.

EXHIBIT RESTRICTIONS: No Exhibitor or part of an exhibit will be admitted to any space until rental of the space has been paid in full. No Exhibitor may dismantle his Exhibit until after the closing hour of the EXPO. The Exhibitor shall properly staff the Exhibit during the Expo hours. Exhibitors are liable for any damage caused to building walls, floors or other Exhibitor space property. The appearance of an exhibiting firm does not constitute an endorsement or approval by the International Boating and Water Safety Summit of the quality or value of claims made by the firm. Exhibitor may not use the trademark, name or logo of the International Boating and Water Safety Summit without written permission of the Summit Advisory Committee through IBWSS management.

ENTRY: Exhibitor registration includes the cost for 1 exhibitor. Additional exhibitors must register at the Individual Rate of $350.

FIREPROOFING: All decorations must be fireproof.

EXHIBIT TABLE & EXPO SERVICES: Standard exhibit space is 1 six-foot skirted table with two chairs. A table top display and a roll-up banner are recommended. Nothing may be hung on the wall. Booth decorations, furniture, signs and additional electrical connections are available to the Exhibitor through independent contractors. IBWSS management is not responsible for any services provided by independent contractors.

RELOCATION OF EXHIBITS: IBWSS management reserves the right to alter the official floor plan, and/or reassign any Exhibitor’s location as deemed advisable. IBWSS management further reserves the right to make such changes, amendments and additions to these rules as such further regulations as it considers necessary for the good of the Expo.

COLLECTION POLICY: The Exhibitor agrees to pay any and all costs by IBWSS management to collect all or any portion of fees and dues owed to IBWSS management, which have not been paid in full prior to the opening of the Expo.

CANCELLATION OR WITHDRAWAL: Cancellation of space and refund is subject to the following conditions: Exhibitors shall give written notice of cancellation; if written notice is received more than 60 days prior to Expo opening, total money less $250.00 cancellation fee will be refunded to Exhibitor; no refunds will be allowed for any cancellation less than 60 days prior to the Expo Opening on Sunday, April 5, 2020.

TERMINATION OF EXPO: If IBWSS management determines that the premises where the Expo is to be held have become unfit for occupancy, or if the premises are materially interfered with by reason of strike, embargo, injunction, act of war, act of God, other emergency, or any act or event not the fault of IBWSS management, this agreement may be terminated by IBWSS management. In the event of such termination, the Exhibitor waives any and all damages to IBWSS management.

I am authorized by my company or organization to contract for exhibit space at the 2020 International Boating and Water Safety Summit, as indicated above, and have carefully read, understand and accept the Exhibit Space Agreement/Terms and Conditions.

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